BOOM! The Baby Boomer Marketing Group is the first Southern California ad agency to focus exclusively on marketing toward Adults born between 1946 and 1964.

BOOM! works only in specific categories where we have the strongest experience: automotive, business to business, education, financial, home improvement, healthcare, legal, vitamins/nutrition, nonprofit and retail.

We do not work in the casino, high tech, or package goods categories. With three decades of media planning/buying experience and over $100 million purchased, BOOM! buyers gets the most boom—er, bang for the buck. From TV to radio to out of home to the web, we save clients money because we've worked at broadcast stations and know where the profit centers are.

How can you reach baby boomers outside of traditional media? Through promotion and merchandising, Team BOOM! creates events that place your goods and services in spots you may not have expected. We've represented over 600 retail stores and Grand Opened over 100 units with broadcast partners up and down the West Coast.

These projects were created by Chuck Dykes, Jill Finch, Bob Gavin and Sally Gavin. These commercials were created, written/co-written, and directed by Bob Gavin. This excerpt created from news interviews on XETV/Fox; KGTV/ABC; and KPBS-TV/PBS.
Web / Digital

Although baby boomers may be older, they buy young hardware. Your parents have the money to buy cool computers and smartphones too, you know.
That means they are part of the digital revolution--and they're accepting it more and more as the number of Internet choices continues to grow.

Baby Boomer Marketing Group pushes the digital envelope to our target every day. We use SEO, SMM, online promotions, blogs, PR, and customized, integrated media thinking. The result: we reach boomers the new-fashioned way.

These projects were created by Jill Finch, Bob Gavin, Sally Gavin and Ronn Kilby.

Print / Packaging
We create annual reports, corporate communications kits, brochures, multi-product packaging and trade show collateral with a keen eye toward detailing why our clients' products are better than the rest.

These projects were created by Jill Finch, Bob Gavin and Sally Gavin.
BOOM! has a specific creative and design 'look'—crisp, clean and without clutter. We focus on big pictures, catchy headlines, minimal body copy, and calls to action.

Our work is designed to sell goods and services to a specific target audience who sees the world in a certain way. That is why we do not work with clients seeking young people—their perceptions and styles are different than their parents.

These logos created by Lori Burr, Jill Finch, Sally Gavin, Sarah Morawa and Kristi Uranga.