Thanks to you and to all those who helped you work on the Court's Annual report. I have received nothing but rave reviews. The end product was really everything I could have hoped for."
—Janet Cabral, Esq., Administrative Law Clerk to Chief Judge Irma E. Gonzalez, United States District Court, Southern District of California

I read with great interest and admiration the marketing plan you produced for the San Diego market. It's a terrific job and a truly outstanding marketing document. When I see your annual plan, I think how fortunate San Diego is to have you as an agency. I am including this 'Gold Standard' Award for the Annual Business Review. You set a standard that all agencies should emulate."
—Jim Brady, Franchise Advertising Supervisor, Subway World Headquarters
"I love working with Bob & Sally Gavin."
—Adele Hendricks, President, Dean's Photo, A Division of Fujifilm, Inc
"It's a pleasure to work with you. Your record with us is excellent. You've helped us enjoy a solid environment to grow the business over the years. I admire the way you do business and what you stand for. I believe that there is no better agency in San Diego. We are a stronger organization because you are on our team."
Bob Jerome, President, San Diego Supercuts Co-Op
"Bob Gavin has fine tuned this markets' needs. My sales are up, the market is up and that's what it's all about. You're the best in the business."
—Jim Sadler, President, San Diego Subway Restaurants Co-Op
"I want to thank you for the time and attention that you have spent with me and my company over the last year. You have always been there to get us the best deal, and to stand up for us when we were battered and down. For me, entering into a professional advertising campaign was scary, but you paved the way. Therefore, I would like to give you this check as a way of saying thank you for all that work. I think a great deal of you and I appreciate your work ethic, honesty and helpfulness."
David Susi, President, Roofing Services Inc
"I wanted to tell you that working with you is a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Prior relationships with ad agencies left me with a sour taste in my mouth, since invariably they would attempt to dictate how 'things' had to be, as if I didn't have a clue how my business operates or what my customers respond to. In addition to being talented professionals, you take the time necessary to assess and cater to the needs of your client—something I appreciate a great deal. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship."
—Robert D. Hodges, President, Action Marketing
"I would like to commend Bob Gavin for being an integral part of San Diego's success. Bob did what it took to get customers in our doors. He was able to blend and maximize National's plan to its potential. His ability to focus on the big picture helped us mesh the entire scheme. In essence, Bob is a team player par excellence."
—Chuck Perrecone, President, Subway Restaurants Co-Op
"Bob Gavin is a hard worker, dedicated to his profession. He is innovative, bright, aware and dependable. He has good follow-thru and maintains a helpful countenance toward his fellow workers. I would heartily recommend hiring the services of Bob Gavin to anyone."
Bob Hensky, General Manager, KCNW-AM/KUDL-FM, Kansas City
"Bob Gavin and staff are on top of things at all times. They give 110% of themselves—110% of the time."
Jana Cason, Taco Bell Franchisee
"I want to give you a round of thanks for the superb work your agency has done recently in creating a whole new image for my business. I couldn't be happier with the results. The new materials give a distinct impression that my business is a step above others. But what I liked best was working with you. You brought vibrant new ideas to the table, challenging my old mode of thinking and allowing me to see new and different possibilities. And you also listened to my ideas—what I had in my mind—and then built upon those ideas, giving them form. I learned a lot from the process and the final products are fantastic."
Romney M. Robinson, Elegant Systems Design, Inc.
"I read Bob's script and found it honest and heartwarming. It's difficult to tell a story that at first glance has a downward spiral, worried the momentum will take over. But Bob's clear and genuine voice brings us to the point of optimism, pride and enthusiasm for the future. I want Bob to know what a fine job he's done for the school and the community."
—Kathy McCurdy, San Diego Film Commission, Director Feature Films
"We are especially happy and grateful for all the smart and kind people we have met over the years to help us in running our business and you are at the top of the list, Bob. Thanks to you and Sally for all your unending support and hard work that was always above and beyond a normal client/customer relationship."
—Robert VanderKamp, San Diego Supercuts Franchisee
"Bob Gavin went way beyond the call of duty in the preparation of our proposal.
I venture to say it was the most professional piece presented by the more than 30 businesses participating. I would also like to give Mr. Gavin another pat on the back for his excellent management and follow-through. He does a masterful job in handling all of our various egos and business concerns with equal skill."
—Fritz Opel, VP Marketing, Sycuan Casino
"The media campaign is excellent. The insert, television spots and other supporting materials have placed our Colleges and District in an excellent light. This is tremendous support for our enrollment drive as well as a great way to highlight our profile in the community. Thanks for doing such an excellent job on this."
—Dr. Constance Carroll, Chancellor, San Diego Community College District
"I was at a board meeting this morning and it occurred to me that I've never thanked you—in an official or unofficial capacity—for all the work you do for the school. You toil away and give so freely or your creativity, time and energies. Your work looks beautiful and your presentation is always impeccable and professional. All in all, you make an invaluable contribution and I want to thank you. You deserve praise."
—Karen Lawrence, President, Warren-Walker Parent Association