Our Mission

Moving Your Sales Higher

The Boomer Marketing Group is an advertising agency specializing in marketing strategies, media buying, creative/design and all things digital. Focused strictly on baby boomers—the wealthiest component of America's population— BOOM ! works only in these vertical categories: automotive, B2B, education, financial, the home, healthcare, legal, non-profits and retail.

Here's our philosophy:

  • Strategy rules
  • Listen, learn, manage and lead
  • Create clear, concise communication that sells products and services
Being a few things to a select group of people rather than trying to be all things to all people is how we make our clients successful.

BOOM ! is different than every other ad agency because we're not trying to reach Generation X, Millenniums, Generation Y or Generation Z. Why? Young people don't have big money.

We are different because we only reach their parents—the Baby Boomer Generation.
That's all we work on and our successful track record reflects our ability in moving sales, awareness and perceptions.